Frugal Food: Eggs

Frugal Upstate is hosting a Frugal Foods series- and the first week is all about Eggs!

We do a frugal "breakfast dinner" about once a week, because it's easy, quick, filling, and fun. I'll make scrambled eggs or fried eggs or an omelette, bacon or sausage, and biscuits or toast or hashbrowns. On nights (or Saturday mornings) when I have a little more time and lots of milk on hand, we'll have biscuits & gravy instead. But those don't involve eggs.

For The Natural Mommy's recipe swap: ignore the Pope Cake and the prospect of making biscuits- these all involve the oven! Other than that, eggs are a great stovetop, oven-free summer dinner!

Egg recipes on Sunflowers in my Kitchen:
  • Pateta par Eeda - basically, eggs cooked on a bed of cilantro-seasoned hashbrowns. Very unusual, but good!
  • The Irresistible Omelette - this was actually one of the first things I mastered cooking. I don't strat easy.
  • Egg sandwiches - I love my breakfast in-hand.
  • Camping breakfast - Eggs & breakfast food are a great way to feed a crowd cheaply!
  • Pope Cake - This isn't exactly a cake, and the eggs aren't the star of the show, but it does involve half-a-dozen of them, so it made the list.
What's your favorite frugal meal involving eggs? Or summer meal that can be cooked without the oven?


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

What a nice roundup of egg recipes! Thanks for highlighting the series-actually I though eggs was one of the harder ones-we should have tons of great ideas for Tuna next week :)

Anonymous said...

Egg in a nest! Yummy!

Scribbit said...

My kids LOVE egg sandwiches--it's the traditional after church Sunday lunch for them.