Simple meals

Simple meals are OK.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself of that. I work a full day at the office and coming home expecting myself to be super-wife and whip up something amazing. This is sometimes too much. The last two nights, we've had easy-to-fix dinners that haven't taken very much time or effort at all to fix, but haven't sacrificed anything in the Delicious department.

Yesterday, Josh had eaten a late lunch, but we had to eat early to be at church in time for activities there. He wasn't that hungry, but I was, and there wasn't much time to figure out a good compromise. I went with a breakfast-dinner, partly because I could fix it easily, and partly because I had 3 dozen eggs I need to start using in my refrigerator.

It may be unusual, but one of my favorite comfort foods is the breakfast sandwich. Any kind of breakfast meat will do, really- ham, sausage, bacon, I like it all. Toast, croissant, English muffin- again, not picky. Last night, we had 4 pieces of bread left, 2 of them heels. I used the heels to make the sandwich, and made toast out of the other two, to go with his scrambled eggs and bacon. I had the same substance to my meal, I just stacked it all on top of each other :)
Easy Breakfast Sandwich

- Toast two pieces of bread, bagel, english muffin, or croissant.
- Break an egg into a frying pan. When the white starts to solidify, break the yolk. When the bottom of the egg is solid, flip it and let it continue to cook on the other side. This egg can't be over-easy or over-medium, it has to be cooked through, or you end up with a very drippy sandwich. Trust me.
- Fry the meat (sausage, ham, or bacon) to appropriate doneness. I used bacon, and actually got it perfect- not too crispy, not floppy. My husband was impressed.
- Stack everything together into a sandwich. Add a slice of American cheese, mayonnaise, or a tomato slice if desired.

Like I said. Simple. Josh just wanted scrambled eggs, bacon & toast which was just as easy.

Tonight, we had another simple meal because I wasn't as hungry, but he was. Dinner was quesadillas with ground turkey - plenty filling, and oh-so-quick to make. And fairly healthy! Other vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, or onions can be included in quesadillas, but we like the simple cheese-and-meat version.
Quick Quesadillas
4 tortillas
Mozzarella cheese
1/3 lb ground turkey
~2 tablespoons salsa (I was out of taco seasoning. I think the salsa actually might have given it a better flavor, anyway.)

- Brown ground turkey with the salsa in a pan. Set aside.
- Butter or spray with cooking spray one side of 2 tortillas. Place one tortilla buttered-side-down on a plate. Top with cheese, half the meat, and more cheese. Top with the other tortilla, butter-side-up.
-Transfer quesadilla to a hot George Foreman grill (This could probably be done in a pan, but I haven't tried. Wouldn't be hard, I suppose. If doing it in a pan, you'd have to make sure to flip the quesadilla). Let cook till outside is somewhat crispy and cheese is melted.
- Repeat with other two tortillas to make the second quesadilla.

Makes 2 quesadillas. If used for an appetizer, this would feed 4-6. We had it as a meal, and it fed two.

Easy easy. Yummy, too.

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Daniel & Teresa said...

Hey, I was reading your hashbrown post. I should try it- esp. since they don't have hashbrowns here! When my dad makes potato pancakes, he takes the shredded potato, wraps it in a linen towel, and then takes both ends of the towel and "rings" it out just like you would with cloth. So that might work with the hashbrowns, too.