Homemade brownies

Originally posted on 2/20/07 at keeping feet

First things first: I honor of the announcement of the Gerig Hall Reunion on Ashley's blog, IHOP has honored the generation of Gerigians who have kept the Muncie store in business by announcing a national Free Pancake Day. Now, wherever you are in the country, you can make an IHOP run and appreciate it like a poor college student. The catch: you gotta do it before 10pm, so it won't be an entirely authentic IHOP run.

OK, that's out of the way. Now on to more pictures...

My first attempt at homemade, not-from-a-box brownies yesterday was successful (here's the recipe), and I think they were well-received. My coworkers will be happy to note that there were leftovers, and I will be bringing them in today. The sugar cream pie will happen later in the week.

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