Valentine's Day dinner

Originally published at keeping feet on 2/14/07

And... it's Valentine's Day again.

Thanks to me being home almost all day yesterday (with time to think about a meal), I cheated and cooked a nice Valentine's dinner a day early, complete with sparkling grape juice, marinated chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. These were probably the best mashed potatoes I've made- I left the skins on and added some cheese to the mix, and they turned out lumpier than usual, but more flavorful. The chicken, I marinated in Ken's Steakhouse Italian Dressing for 2-3 hours while I ventured to work for a little bit, then grilled on our handy-dandy George Foreman grill, and it turned out excellent as well. I usually overcook the food when I use the George Foreman grill, and therefore usually leave the grilling to my dear husband. Luckily all turned out well last night.

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