Amish Friendship Bread

Originally posted at keeping feet on 2/22/07

The Wikipedia article starts:
Amish Friendship Bread (along with Amish Cinnamon Bread) is the chain letter of the baking world.
I shoulda known I was in trouble.
I got a bag of "Amish Friendship Bread" starter (yeast goop) from a friend at work (and was offered more by another friend at work a few days later) with instructions similar to these attached. And so the 10-day journey begins, mushing and burping the bag, feeding it a bit, and waiting.

Tomorrow's day 10, and I'll actually get bread out of the silly stuff. I hope it's good. Here's where the chain-letter aspect comes in: tomorrow, I'll feed the goop some more milk/flour/sugar, then, before mixing the rest of the bread ingredients, I'll split out 4 new Amish Friendship Bread starters into bags, 1 for me and 3 to share with friends. As Matt M. said, it's not often you have to prove you have 3 friends. So that's my goal in posting this a day early, to get takers for the anticipated pre-bread goop and instructions I'll have tomorrow. Email me or leave a comment, and I'll even deliver the starter to you, perhaps even with some of my bread, if it turns out OK (I promise not to pawn it off on you if it doesn't!). If I have more than 3 takers, I'm sure the aforementioned friends would have some left over, or I'll have some for you in a week and a half (after the next 10-day cycle). I'll even deliver it all the way to Lafayette, Beth, because I think you'll enjoy this, we like car trips, and it'll be nice to get some of this out of my circle here so I won't be offered any back. :)
So, any takers?

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