Fondue for Two

Traditionally on Valentine's Day, couples buy each other watches and jewelry and big bunches of flowers, and go out to a romantic dinner. All of this seems to be invented by Hallmark and florists, and is all expensive. Our more modest plan will be just as romantic, and cost less than us going out to Steak 'n Shake!

Fondue for Two, in three courses ** Updated with actual costs **
First course - cheese & bread
No knead bread- flour, yeast, salt and water - 25 cents?
*Ended up buying crusty bread. $3.

Cheese fondue - Will probably cut that recipe in half, at least, so will end up costing about $2

Main course - Broth-based fondue with meat & veggies

1/2 lb steak - $2 (when you buy it from a local farmer!)
1/2 lb chicken - .50 (got bone-in chicken breasts for $1/lb on sale recently)
Potatoes - free, from my garden
Broccoli - $1.50
Mushrooms - $1.50
Broth- FREE - in the crockpot right now, using the leftover bones & meat from the aforementioned bone-in chicken breasts, plus vegetable cuttings and negligible spices.

Dessert course - chocolate with cookies, marshmallows, fruit

Marshmallows - .25
Graham crackers - .25
Banana - .25
Chocolate - $1
Heavy cream - $2

TOTAL: $14.25

While this is way more expensive than a typical at-home meal, it's way less than we'd spend while eating out, and WAY less than the $100+ meals at fondue restaurants. To make the night less rushed & stressful, I'll make the broth & the bread ahead of time this week. It will be a romantic evening and a leisurely dinner- I can't wait!


Caroline @ Bubbly Bride said...

Such a Romantic Picture :)

rainbowcreek said...

We just dropped a bundle last weekend at a fondue restuarant for our 30th anniversary. I mean a big bundle! We had a nice time but agreed that we would rather do this at home next time. Will probably do the cheese and chocolate fondue with a grilled entree tho' because we thought the broth fondue was a little bland for our taste. Hope your sweetheart dinner is delicious and romantic!

Scribbit said...

I LOVE fondue--though my mom made it with Velveeta which kind of makes me snicker :) I mean the real stuff is so good why settle for processed "cheese"?