Slacker Jo.

Yipes, I've been neglecting things here. I blame NaBloPoMo, which I'm doing over at my other blog. Oh, and moving.

I've still got Sunflowers in my Kitchen, it's just a different kitchen- NOW WITH EVEN MORE SUNFLOWERS! And you thought it wasn't possible. Pictures to come, whenever I find the battery charger for my camera, thrown in a box somewhere.

But, in other food news, I've really enjoyed cooking in my new kitchen. To date, I've made no-knead bread, pumpkin pie, chicken pot pie, and a whole lot of chicken broth, among other things. Thanksgiving cooking later this week will bring green bean casserole and a pie of some sort.

I'll get back to posting when my camera battery charger shows up, promise. It's baking season!

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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I should send you my extra camera bag. Don't worry, it's not very big but it will hold all your cords and chargers and any other misc. stuff you might have. That way you won't lose it so often. :-)