Candy Corn Cookies!

I made these cookies last year, but didn't give an explanation as to how, so, here it is, in pictures.

These colorful cookies are based on the Betty Crocker recipe. In the spirit of Irma, I did use the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix to make the dough. You can make whatever sugar cookie dough you want- I'll skip that step in the recipe- but it's best to pick one that won't spread too much, so the cookies hold their approximately-triangular shape. If you want a from-scratch recipe, look for "cut-out cookie" dough. If you do use the Betty Crocker mix, I left out 2 T worth of butter, and added about a tablespoon & a half's worth of flour.

(Click for larger photos)
Make the dough. Divide dough into three equal balls, and set one aside (this will be the white part of the cookie. Knead yellow food coloring into one ball until desired yellow-ness is reached. Knead orange food coloring (or, as I did, red and yellow) into the third ball, until desired orange-ness is reached. (Caveat on giving food coloring to children) Find a small, rectangular container- a loaf pan, or, as you can see here, a plastic storage container. Line the container with plastic wrap and press the white dough into the bottom. Press the orange dough on top of it, then the yellow. Refrigerate 1-2 hours, until the block is firm. (I refrigerated mine 24 hours, because it was convenient, but this turned out to be too long, and the block got kinda dried out & too hard. Lesson learned.) Another view

Take out & unwrap the block of dough. Slice into 1/4 to 1/3 inch slices- just like you would with a tube of that refrigerator cookie dough. Not that you'd ever buy that stuff, of course.

Slice each of those rectangular slices as shown, in a zig-zag pattern. Candy corn! Some will have white tops, and some will have white tips, and NO ONE WILL NOTICE. Place on a cookie sheet and cook per your cookie dough's directions- though watch them, they're probably smaller than the run-of-the-mill sugar cookies.


HowToMe said...

Wow! These are the most impressive cookies I've ever seen!! I'm stunned :-O and serious :-)

Scribbit said...

Oh those are adorable! You should stick this into the Winter Bazaar, it fits so well!

randi said...

These are so cute!

Cindy said...

What a cool treat for Halloween! I'll have to save this one for sure.

Christine said...

This is a new tradition in my house, but ours is a little different. I forget where I got the recipe, but it's the only time I have ever used pre-made cookie dough. It calls for a tube of sugar cookie dough. You divide it three ways as you mentioned, but in the orange, you include orange zest. Rather than stacking them, you roll each into a log, place them side by side and roll them out with a rolling pin and slice into triangles - makes for cleaner edges. Sometimes we dip the ends in white chocolate (colored for the orange ends) and sprinkle with colored sugar crystals.

Anonymous said...

Love the orange zest idea. There's also a version of this where you add chocolate (i.e. two squares, melted) to one-third of the dough, and make "Indian Candy Corn."

Christine said...

Good idea re: the indian corn. I had seen it with chocolate between two cookies to make sandwiches but didn't think to make the indian corn. I just made these again the other night. It was lemon zest in the yellow part and orange zest in the orange. I forgot about the lemon zest. They were gone in minutes! I also made the Betty Crocker Spooky Brownies. I had as much fun making them as the kids did eating them! They thought they were just for decoration at first. :0) http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/recipe.aspx?recipeID=41034

Joanna said...

Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I made these this weekend & sent them to work with my husband. He returned with an empty plate, so I guess they were well received! They're still my favorite fall cookie, hands down.