Makeshift meals

There are some days when I don't have the time or energy to make something from scratch, and I believe that's OK. This week was fairly exhausting, and from-scratch meals didn't happen every day. Here are some examples:

Early in the week, my husband was craving dessert, with nothing sweet in the house. He said cookies weren't gonna cut it, so I made a cake from a mix, and used some leftover Cool Whip in the freezer as "filling" and "icing". Due to the Cool Whip, the cake had to be stored in the refrigerator all week, but it was very well appreciated. It wasn't pretty, but it hit the spot and served its purpose!

Thursday night, my husband & I went on a date- dinner & a movie. It was wonderful. Friday, I ate out with coworkers and had a big lunch, so wasn't that hungry come dinnertime. My lack of appetite combined with being pressed for time resulted in a Nachos dinner- leftover dips from an appetizer the night before and tortilla chips we had on hand. I put the dips in bowls rather than their take-out containers to make the meal a little more beautiful.

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