Make It From Scratch #31

Bloggers from around the world have been cookin', craftin', and makin' this week. Let's see what everyone came up with!

There were an unusual number of breakfast-related entries this week. No complaints from me- I'm always looking for new & tasty breakfast ideas!

From Sweden, the Hairy Swede at A Swedish American in Sweden makes Pannkakor- Swedish pancakes! The crepe-like creations were her first attempt at the dish, and sounded like a great experiment!

Terry at Mom on Wheels tried a new granola bar recipe- I love munching granola or granola bars for a quick snack or breakfast, and her recipe even includes chocolate!

Amy at The MomAdvice blog had cooked up some pumpkin waffles this week- which are the perfect breakfast for the impending Fall season! The honey butter she used to top them sounds heavenly as well.

DeputyHeadmistress at the Common Room offers up a variety of oatmeal recipes, including one involving a slow cooker the night before! I have never given oatmeal its due, I suppose- these look like healthy choices worth trying.

Sarah at The Patchwork of Life makes some classic buttermilk pancakes. She used to use Bisquick to make the pancakes, but then was won over by this delicious from-scratch recipe!

Delilah at The Miller Way completes the breakfast section with iced coffee- trying to take the "latte factor" out of her budget by making it herself!

I followed the trend and made a biscuits and gravy brunch Sunday morning- all from scratch, and much to my husband's delight!

Like I said, there were a LOT of breakfast entries. There were about the same number of people out there who DIDN'T have breakfast on the brain, and were cooking food for the rest of the day:

Laura at Laura Williams' Musings gives us four great ideas for what to do with pumpkins- all edible! The soup, pie, butter, and rolls all sound yummy, and creative.

Lisa at The Frugal Momma makes pepperoni bread & pizza subs. I would never have thought to bake the cheese and pepperoni into the bread as well as using them for toppings!

Heather at The Fat-bottomed Girl made cocktail sauce from scratch this week, for her family to eat alongside fish caught in Canada on a fish trip!

Stephanie at Stop the Ride! tells us how she's saving some of the summer heat for the winter: she's pickling & canning homegrown hot peppers!

Melissa at A Penny Closer shares a frugal and tasty-warm comfort food, Chicken Tetrazzini. This is seriously one of my favorite easy meals to make, and I'm glad she shared her take on it.

Heather of HomeEc101 cooks up a black-bean soup. It looks like just the think to help us get through the cold temperatures that await us in a few months!

Silvia at Po Moyemu posted her daughter Emily's favorite chili recipe. As the weather gets cooler, chili is sounding better and better!

And, of course, we can't forget dessert. Karen from Balance in Diet came up with a chocolate-chip-cookie dessert that may be low fat, but doesn't appear to be low in sugar- not that's I'm complaining! It's a no-bake recipe, too, which makes it quick and easy!

Sewing, Crafting, and Growing
The "everything else" category this week has quite a variety- a testament to the creative participants!

Lori at I Will Learn to Sew is doing just that- and she finished her pink dress! She followed a pattern and did a fabulous job- she's way ahead of me!

HowToMe is doing some sewing as well- showing us how to create khaki shorts from slacks. Her step-by-step pictures make it look easy!

Joanie in the UK posts about reusing plastic packaging to make a cute and colorful window hanging at her blog Nini Makes. Looks like a great activity for the kids!

Stephanie at Adventures in the 100-Acre Wood shares how she has been watching grass grow in her yard- finally! Certainly she'll have a lush yard very soon- and then she'll have to worry about mowing!

Cindy at My Recycled Bags never fails with her crocheting-plastic skills. This week, she shares a pattern for a market bag that expands to accommodate all your groceries!

Delilah at junky love in freehand made potholders from old jeans! I have some old jeans I've been looking for crafting ideas for, and this may be just the thing!

Melanie at Bean Sprouts in the UK made a very-cute train quilt for her son. Although he's now grown out of his train-obsession, he still sleeps with it every night!

I, with the help of Matt & James, made a knitted blanket- for a new baby in the office. Check out all the blue over at keeping feet.

iamawahm at Working At Home Mom gives future MIFS participants a variety of crafty ideas for things they can make from scratch both for this carnival AND to sell!

Next week, participate! You can enter here. Look for the next MIFS carnival posted in a week over at And Miles to Go Before We Sleep.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks Joanna!
Can't wait to dig into those breakfasts. We love breakfast any time of day!

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Lots of great links this week!

Thanks for hostessing!

Melanie Rimmer said...

Great work, Joanna. Thanks for including my link. It's almost half-past-one here in the UK but now I feel like having breakfast again. Pumpkin waffles, mmm-mmm!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

All these look so good! I gotta give some of them a try.
Great post!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Silvia said...

Thanks for putting together a great carnival!

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Heather said...

Great job, Joanna!! Thanks for hosting!

joanie said...

Lovely stuff again - with all these scrummy recipes I really must try to spend more time in the kitchen, not on my computer!