Garden update

I'm still getting both cherry and roma tomatoes. Not in the same volume as earlier this summer, but they're still producing nonetheless.

Some critters have somehow found my third-floor plants- a ladybug with inverted color, and a brown praying mantis.

The beans, I don't have high hopes for, because (I'm pretty sure) a fungus got them a while back, and they've been fighting it ever since. I figure, I'll get what I get, and hope for better next year.
They did grow as tall as absolutely possible. My husband has sworn we're doing bush beans next year- there's no way we're setting up something like this in a garden.

And, yes, they do have a few beans on them! finally!


Lisa said...

Just wait until you see some of the praying mantises you will get at your new house. Whenever I am in the midst of serious weeding I tend to find them. By the end of summer they are almost as long as my hand. Green ones and brown ones. I'll leave it to you to research the difference. :-)

Joanna said...

So I did a quick search to research the difference between the green & brown ones, and found that... there isn't any. I did read a story on a lady's blog, however, about the antics of the mantises in her garden, and about how one bit off the head of another in a violent fight, and larger ones catch hummingbirds... which make me kind of afraid of these graceful insects.

And then I saw large spider out on the balcony, and grabbed my camera for a closer look. While out there, I spotted the praying mantis on the beans again... and then spotted a bug on the floor. Upon closer inspection, I realize it is a dead praying mantis, presumably killed by the little brown one currently on my plants.

Between the huge spider and the killer praying mantis, I'm fairly cautious when I step out on my balcony for now on.