One local Summer, week 7: Corn fritters & Pasta

I had been seeing quite a few recipes lately for Corn Fritters, so I decided to try it out. As a side, I whipped up some whole wheat pasta, with a tomato and garlic sauce. This was a very low-key meal, hence the paper plates and bad picture.

Because neither I nor my husband had eaten corn fritters before, we didn't know what to expect (or what they were supposed to look like!) They turned out just so-so- I think I'd need to see/eat one from someone who actually knows how to cook them, to get a better idea of what they're actually supposed to taste like.

The pasta & sauce, however, got rave reviews. My husband tasted it and let out a surprised "Mmm!". That is always a good sign. I'm always proud to use food from my garden with goo results!

Here's the local breakdown:
Local: Corn, tomatoes, basil, garlic, pasta
Not local: everything besides the corn in the corn fritters :-/ Yeah. I know. I coulda done better.

It wasn't the most local meal I've done this summer, but it was what I came up with this week. Next week, I'll be camping Tuesday through Thursday and will not be back home until Sunday, so the week's local meal is up in the air. Anyone have good local-food ideas for northwest Pennsylvania?

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Glibberty O'Garlicbreath said...

I'm glad the garlic did the trick. :-) And I LOVE whole wheat pasta. So much more flavor & it stays with me longer.