Fair Food

I apologize to my regular readers, as I have been seriously slacking on the recipe-posting front. I actually have a few lined up, but haven't bothered to type them up, which is my primary problem. So I keep posting non-recipe posts and pictures, in hopes that it will make up for it.

Last night, my husband and I were impulsive, and we took off as early as possible and headed to the Indiana State Fair. I love the fair. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells (except in the pig barn) and everything surrounding the excitement. The whole event is seemingly centered around food- the fair vendors, the baking contests, the produce... and I suppose there's the livestock, but what's their fate? Food. That's right. :)

While at the fair, totally surrounded by local food, I did insist on buying dinner from one of the local meat producer booths, rather than the typical vendors. I went to the poultry tent, and the menu included a half-chicken, a turkey leg (huge!), and quarter-duck, and duck bratwurst. I stuck with the predictable "chicken breast sandwich". I know, I'm boring. As it was, the meat was good, smoked rather than grilled. This won't count as my "local meal" this week, because I don't know that the Lay's potato chips or applesauce served with the sandwich were local. Good food, though.

Here's some food related pictures I captured yesterday from the fair. Click on them for a bigger view:


Thrifty Karen said...

Deep fried Pepsi? I'm starting to learn (thanks to my husband) that you can deep fry anything.

Betsy said...

I was there last night too! We went to the concert. I love food at the fair, but I try to stay away from it!