Will spring ever return?

I've been waiting to put my pots of growing things outside, knowing that the sunshine will do them some good. Inside, it's warm, but they grow directly sideways towards my not-terribly-sunny sliding glass door. Yesterday, it was (finally) supposed to be above freezing, so I gave it a try. And what did it do? Rained. And was dark and cloudy. All. Day. According to the forecast, it was supposed to be better today. I put the pots out. Mid-morning, I look out the window, and it's snowing. Sigh. Hopefully my plants won't freeze to death. At least the air temperature is above freezing...

I'll have to drag them all in again tonight, I suppose. Tomorrow the forecast has a high of 52 and partly sunny- that sounds downright balmy right now. Maybe I'll even be able to ride my bike home from the office (It, along with a coworker's bike, has been parked inside our office since early last week- we both rode to work, and couldn't get home on our bikes due to rain. Then this lovely cold settled in.)

Beyond tomorrow, there's still forecasts involving sub-freezing temperatures and snow for the next few days. Can't wait till spring decides to show up again.

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