Green Smoothie... finally!

For a while, I was reading a lot about the raw food lifestyle (though I decided I could never do it, mostly because I like dairy too much). One thing raw food enthusiasts all raved about was the "green smoothie". Each person would include something different in their smoothie, but they swore by the drink as an energy booster and sometimes even a meal replacement. The idea stayed in the back of my mind but [confession] it's a rare day when I have BOTH green leaves like lettuce, spinach or kale AND fruit in the house. A few weeks ago, I did, and, wow, these crazy raw food people were right.

This picture here looks like a health textbook photo of how many fruit and veggies you should have in a day Instead, these are what went into my smoothie, plus more lettuce and another banana. The beaker came with my immersion blender, which was a birthday present from my husband who knows EXACTLY what I wanted!

So what does 2 bananas, an apple, and a bunch of lettuce look like together? Will It Blend??

Looks gross? I chose not to look at it, and put it in a plastic cup I couldn't see through. How did it taste? Like a banana-apple smoothie, obviously. The apple covers over many flavors, and the lettuce wasn't even perceptible. And, as promised, it totally filled me up and gave me lots of energy. The most difficult part was blending the apple pieces- I think I'll use me food processor next time (I don't have a blender). This smoothie was actually 2 servings- a breakfast AND a lunch. More filling than it looks! Later on, I used an apple and some canned peaches for another smoothie (not entirely raw, because of the canned fruit) with fabulous results.

I really need to start keeping both fruit and vegetables in the house at the same time, and make these more often and experiment with different additions! Totally worth it- yum!


Jfklwn said...

You should check out my wife's blog. She writes a lot about (among other things) raw foods and green smoothies. She may not be a expert but she sure knows your stuff. I'm not a raw foodist myself, by Suzanne makes some awesome deserts!


Alisa@Foodista said...

Hi Joanna, I followed you from the foodieblogroll and this I have to try!It would be my first time though to mix veggies with fruits in a smoothie,but if you say its good...ill take your word for it. Hope you wont mind,I'd love to guide our readers to your site, just add this foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!

Teresa said...

I'd love to here more about your smoothies (as we have lots of fresh veggies and fruit here to use up!) I often don't know what veggies to add, because we don't get Spinach a lot, but we do get lots of lettuce and carrots. I'd never though of putting lettuce in a smoothie before! :)