Rice Krispies for Easter

We had a crazy-busy Easter weekend. Between one birthday party, three dinners with family, and three church services, I barely had a moment to spare.

I wasn't responsible for much as far as the family dinners were concerned- just dessert and a vegetable at one of them. I wanted to keep the dessert simple, since it was just going to be for four people. What's simpler than Rice Krispie Treats? And yet, something had to be done to make them festive!

Attempt #1 involved shaping the Rice Krispie Treats into eggs, and dipping them in a colored sugar water and sprinkling with colored sugar.

While this resulted in not-bad looking eggs, there was a texture problem. As you might suspect (but I didn't at the time...) dipping crispy rice into water results in less-crispy rice. While these weren't exactly soggy, they weren't "Krispie" either.

Enter plan #2:

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs
4 Tbsp butter
1 10 oz bag marshmallows
8 C crispy rice cereal
4 colors of food coloring

Melt the butter on the stovetop.
Melt the marshmallows with the butter.
When the marshmallows are melted, have ready 4 bowls big enough for room to stir 2 C rice cereal in with 1/4 of the marshmallow cream. Also have the food coloring ready. Add 1/4 of the melted marshmallow to each bowl, add in desired amount of coloring and stir. Mix 2 C of rice cereal into each bowl until fully combined.
When the cereal and marshmallow is fully mixed and cool enough to handle, take ~1/3-cup-sized pieces of the mixture and form into eggs. (Tip: if your hands get to sticky, wet them slightly while handling the mixture) Set eggs aside to cool, not touching each other.

Serve these in an Easter basket (or, as I did, on a deviled egg plate) and enjoy!

Makes about 24 eggs.


tkwi said...

Looks interesting. I think I will try that next time because my family doesn't really like eggs... but they love peanut butter....mmmmm.

Scribbit said...

What a cute idea--I saw these in my feeds and meant to tell you earlier but got sidetracked.