Pancakes from a Mix

I never liked pancakes made at home.

They were always chewy- not soft and fluffy like the restaurant pancakes- and I could never get over that. Consequently, I haven't cooked them much. We had guests this weekend though, and one mentioned liking applesauce on pancakes. Since I had a huge amount of apples to use up, I made some applesauce and was determined to try to make some pancakes for her to put it on.

What I did:

Follow the directions on the package to add water and mix, then add water enough to make the batter much runnier. We don't want it to spread so thin we get crepes, but I didn't want to end up with thick pancakes uncooked in the middle, which has happened in the past. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla to the batter and mix well. The mix I was using didn't have much flavor.

Make sure the skillet is evenly heated before starting to cook the pancakes- I didn't do this, and my first pancake of the batch was a failure. I also sprayed the pan to keep the batter from sticking.

What resulted wasn't a perfect pancake, but was definitely the best homemade pancake I've had. Next time, I'll try making them from scratch rather than from a mix, and see if that makes a big difference.

And, incidentally, my friend was right- applesauce on pancakes was great. Next time I might try my very-chunky applesauce in crepes- yum!


Lisa said...

To make them fluffy- leave the batter lumpy, and use buttermilk if available. I cook them on an electric skillet most of the time at 325 F or so, they cook much more evenly that way.

Anonymous said...

We have had the same problem. Beilive it or not, our favorite pancakes are from McDonalds. Here are some tricks I have found to make our homemade pancakes a little fluffier:
1) Don't add extra liquid. This makes a denser pancake
2) Seperate the egg white from the egg. Mix the yolk in with the wet ingredients as normal but beat the white and fold it in to the batter at the end.

Good luck!