Garden Update

Yes, my Roma tomato plants are still producing flowers and new tomatoes. No complaints.

The cherry tomatoes aren't producing new flowers, but there are still quite a few green tomatoes waiting to turn red. One by one, they're ripening.

The pole beans are still producing, slowly. These didn't turn out that well. I'm kinda bummed.

And the last picture has a story behind it. I planted broccoli in the spring, but it didn't do so hot. I think it probably had something to do with having three plants in one not-very-big pot. No broccoli was produced at all, and I just marked it off as a lesson learned. I didn't need the pot for any reason, so I let the three plants grow and watered then through the summer- no sense killing a living thing needlessly, right? Besides, the plants were kind of pretty. Well, fall began to show his head around here, and you'll imagine my surprise when I saw something growing in the middle of the broccoli plant!

I still don't expect to get any broccoli to eat, but it's exciting that these little plants that I've been faithfully watering, were able to hold on through the summer and grow a little more.

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Scribbit said...

How pretty they are--and I prefer Romas to other varieties.