One Local Summer: Missed it again

So, a week ago, we were on vacation, and didn't eat a local meal. That was my excuse.

This week, however, I had no such excuse. Well, besides the fact that we had practically no local food in the house and went over on our Vacation budget the week before, so I didn't do any grocery shopping for the week. It was a "pantry and freezer" kind of week.

So, the most local thing we ate for the last two weeks was the corn we had for dinner one night, and the zucchini that went into the chocolate zucchini cake, neither of which constitute a "meal". Alas, I failed again. But the cake was pretty, and delicious!

On the upside, we do now have concrete plans to have a proper garden for next year (in a house! with a yard!), which will make local food even closer than the once-a-week farmers market- it'll be in our backyard! Can't wait for that! And my late-planted pole beans in planters on my balcony that I didn't have high hopes for got flowers and the beginnings of beans a couple days ago, so all hope is not lost. Perhaps we will have really-local food again this year.

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