One Local Summer, week 6: Whole Wheat Pasta & Cherry Tomatoes

This week's local meal:
- Locally-made pasta from the farmers market
- Cherry tomatoes from my balcony garden
- Basil & parsley from my balcony garden
- (non-local) oil

Cooked the pasta, and made sure not to over-cook it this time! Tossed with oil, tomatoes, and herbs. It was a perfect light dinner for the hot summer day!

In other local-food news, this pasta dish was good, but wasn't my favorite local food o' the week. Saturday morning, we took a rushed trip to the farmers market, and bought some sweet corn to pack for camping Saturday night. This corn was the hit of the trip- we had it for dinner Saturday night and everyone raved about it the rest of our time. I've never had corn so fresh and sweet- and it was so easy to cook!
Remove any visible corn silks from the corn, but leave the corn in its husks. Put the corn on the built-in grate over the fire pit at the campsite. Position the fire such that it is heating the corn but not catching the husks on fire. Turn the cobs periodically until the entire husk is dried out (and maybe partially blackened). We quit cooking when a couple of the husks curled back and began to expose the corn.

Without any extra water (soaking or boiling the corn), the cobs were perfect. The corn was soft and really sweet, and even the cob itself was rubbery from being steamed. And the whole thing was so easy- just throw the corn, husks & all, into the car to pack for camping- no extra ingredients or equipment needed! It was great!

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