One Local Summer, week 3: Dropped the ball

This week, as I have mentioned before, was crazy (and didn't get much better beyond Tuesday). I didn't go shopping for local food this week, and didn't have enough in the house to constitute a meal... so I missed out on this week of the challenge. I'm bummed, really. I was having fun. Hopefully I'll be back & cooking next week, though, due to traveling (camping) this weekend, I won't make it to the local farmers market Saturday morning. Again, bummed. Even though I'm out of the running, check out what everyone else is making. Perhaps I'll need to check it for inspiration next week.

On the upside, we are packing local brats & sausages to grill while camping, though there will be other non-local food involved. The exciting part will be the non-local friends as well (including one flying from the West Coast and others driving from the South!). I'm cooking breakfast for 14 sleepy campers tomorrow morning- wish me luck!

EDIT: Not only did we cook local (to home) brats for lunch Saturday, behind our campsite was a huge wild blueberry patch, and the berries became dessert. Can't get mch more local than about 10 feet from where we were sleeping!

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