On Blueberries

I really never in the past paid this fruit any heed. I liked blueberry muffins and all, but that was about it. The only time we'd eat them at my house growing up was covered in sugar- and that wasn't terribly often.

Last weekend, we discovered a large patch of blueberry bushes right next to our campsite in northern Indiana, and the blueberries were about 1/4 the size of the "domesticated" ones and about 4 times sweeter. I came to that realization this morning while eating a small pile of blueberries provided as part of the weekly Friday Breakfast at work. They were tart compared to the fresh-from-the-bush berries I had just a few days ago. Chalk that up to yet another plant I want to plant my future garden: blueberries!


Matt Wissman said...

Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. I wanted to plant them in our garden when I was much younger. I can't remember if we tried, but we found out that they are harder to grow. You need acidy soil.

Joanna said...

I didn't know that such acidic soil was needed- I haven't researched much. There is so much to research, when looking into starting a garden. For this year, on my balcony, I just planted things and hoped it would work. Somethings have worked (the parsley, dill, and tomatoes), others haven't (the broccoli, peas, and basil) I'm learning. And will be for a while.

Lisa said...

What he said. Around here, you're better off with raspberries (black or red), currants, gooseberries, and a pear tree. Those are the easiest, least chemical-requiring fruit for this area. You could probably do strawberries also.

I want to grow pawpaws, but maybe I should taste one first.

Joanna said...

A pear tree is on the list, for certain. Strawberries are, too. Josh doesn't even like to eat them, and he requested we grow them.

You should grow pawpaws because they have a cool name.

HowToMe said...

In the right place, blueberry bushes need little care. We love ours! I'm glad you were able to experience them fresh. Aren't they great?!