Farmers market finds

The Carmel farmers market opened this weekend with much fanfare- free doughnuts! Because we had our two nephews in tow, we didn't get there in time for the doughnuts, but there was still plenty of fanfare.

Our nephews loved watching a band play (and were less interested in the food stands) Apparently they weren't the only kids that preferred the music:

I shopped quick while my husband was keeping the kids, and decided to try some eggs, peas, and broccoli from a couple different stands. Last night, I got the eggs out to try as part of our pancakes, sausage, and eggs dinner. While I'd expect I maybe might be able to get scrambled eggs of the same perfect fluffiness out of storebought eggs, these farmers-market eggs were excellent (or eggs-ellent?) with no effort. They are the freshest eggs I've ever tasted, and the first brown eggs I've had. I'm a fan.

Next up: the peas and broccoli also obtained Saturday at the market.

Find your local farmers market!

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