Food Deals This Week

  • ICE CREAM! - Baskin Robbins is celebrating 31 Cent Scoop Night tomorrow in honor of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. I never turn down ice cream. Especially practically-free ice cream.

  • Barnes and Noble's has coupons this week for a couple food-related things. First, buy a drink at their cafe and get a free cupcake! Also, they have a discount on the cookbook Everyday Pasta, and another book that caught my eye yesterday- Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by the popular author Barbra Kingsolver. She and her family uprooted, moved to the Appalachians, and did a life-experiment, eating only locally and out of their own garden. The book is a chronicle of their adventure, and has recipes throughout. I read all about in an NPR story yesterday. Also check out the book's website, which includes some recipes)

There are probably more deals out there, but these are the few that came to my attention in the last few days :)

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Ashley said...

Oooh I really like Barbra Kingsolver's writing, I didn't know she had a new book out. That's a neat idea, the life-experiment.